Stephanie Filipponio

Stephanie’s charitable activities began early in life.  As a kid, she organized backyard carnivals in her Ohio neighborhood every Labor Day to raise money for Jerry’s Kids and saved her milk money to donate to the local animal shelter.  While attending college at Bradley University, she realized she could actually give a part of herself to help people and became a blood donor at the American Red Cross.  Because of her specific blood type, she is now a regular platelet apheresis donor, having made more than 100 donations to help cancer and organ transplant patients.

In 2005, when Share A Smile co-founders Mike and Kim Robertson asked her to be a part of their new non-profit organization, her answer was, “absolutely.”  Having worked in the accounting department for Mike since 1992, she now had the opportunity to put her professional skills to use by helping people.  It couldn’t have been a better fit, helping to bring smiles to the faces of kids in Southern California.  Just ask anyone who has received a hand-written note from her; she always closes with a happy, smiling face and the word “SMILE.”