Share A Smile's Mission

It is tough to imagine growing up afraid to speak or even smile for fear of being ridiculed. Unfortunately, this is a reality for many underprivileged youths who suffer from the lack of resources to get the proper dental care needed to remedy their situation. This can have long term and lasting effects on a child’s confidence and self-esteem.

That is where Share A Smile has stepped in for the past four years. Our volunteer children's dentists have helped youths in Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California not only smile again, but smile with confidence.

Share A Smile was born out of a personal experience; founder Mike Robertson witnessed the abuse and harassment of one of his daughter's friends and decided to get involved. Once he did, it soon became obvious that he could not stop with helping just one child.

“Most feel-good stories have one of those types of moments. Once we realized there was such a need we founded the Share A Smile organization. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to help so many of these truly great kids get a head start in life. In doing so we also hope to grow a ‘pay it forward’ mentality in the hearts and minds of those we are able to help.”- Mike Robertson